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Subasta a beneficio de “Un juguete, una ilusión”

La convención "Madrid Fashion Doll Show" del club oficial de Barbie en España "Coleccionistas de Fashion dolls en Madrid" ha unido a artistas de todo el mundo con la meta de hacer un programa benéfico muy importante en los tiempos que corren. Para ello colabora con “Un juguete, una ilusión” para que los fondos obtenidos con esta iniciativa sean destinados a esta campaña. Damos las gracias a todos los artistas involucrados en este proyecto y a todas las personas que pujen por estas maravillosas creaciones.  Tu puja vale una sonrisa. Pink Power!!!

The Convention " Madrid Fashion Dolls Show" hosted  by official Barbie club in Spain" Coleccionistas de Fashion dolls en Madrid" has joined Artist all over the world to create a very important charity program for  current time. For this important project we are working close with "Un juguete, una ilusión" and funds got with this initiative will be use for this campaign. We thank all artist involve in this project and all people bidding on these fabulous creations. Your bid means a child smile. Pink Power!!!

"Lola Flores" OOAK doll By Allanna Doll
Esta muñeca en honor a Lola Flores ha sido inspirada por el vestido que la artista lució interpretando "La zarzamora". La muñeca ha sido cambiada de pelo y su cara ha sido totalmente repintada.

El vestido está hecho con tela especial en color rojo pasión. El traje está confeccionado con corte clásico flamenco, con larga cola adornada con volantes, el vestido está forrado con tela blanca para que no destiña la muñeca. No puede faltar como complemento un chal de seda con flores bordadas en hilo de seda.

  El peinado está adornado con flores y dos peinetas doradas que hacen juego con los pendientes.

Esta es una pieza de arte única! Olé!

This Doll in honor of Lola Flores has been inspired by the dress which she was wearing interpreting "La zarzamora".

Doll hair has been removed and rerooted in black and her face has been completely repainted.

The dress is made with special fabric in red passion colour. The dress is made with classic flamenco cut, with long tail adorned with ruffles, the dress is lined with white fabric so it does not fade the doll. You cannot miss as a complement a silk shawl with flowers embroidered in silk thread.

The hairstyle is adorned with flowers and two gold combs that match the earrings.

This is a unique piece of art! OLE!


- 25 сен 2017

About us

Anna and Alla met via Facebook in 2015. They decided to start working together and took creative name ALLANNADOLL. The first collection was presented at the salesroom of Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention 2016. Their first creation, Rocío Jurado, was specially created to pay tribute to the artist on the tenth anniversary of her death. 

Alla grew up in an artistic environment. She was born in Budapest in an artistic family to a mother, who was singer, and a father, professional dancer. Although Alla didn't follow her parent's footsteps, her life is full of art too; when she moved to Spain she found out that her true passion is creating historical dresses for dolls. Nowadays she has a collection of different Barbie and fashion dolls - most of them are wearing copies of haute couture dresses, made by their owner. All of her dresses are unique: she is using rare silk or expensive lace, and that is the reason why none of her outfits can be repeated. 

Anna Nosova, an artist, was born in 1979. She studied at the Art College, but after graduation she was invited to work as a manager in a big corporation specialized in wholesales of alcohol. Anna accepted the invitation, but she never stopped to draw and create. In 2013 she began to customize Barbie and Monster High dolls under the nickname AnikaMissik.